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Worldwide Demand: UN-Convention must consider Women with Disabilities!

With the New Year NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3 and Sozialverband Deutschland (SoVD) draw a positive balance concerning their campaign "Towards Visibility for Disabled Women in the UN-Convention!" Throughout the world women’s organisations and organisations of disabled persons support the initiative with their signatures. For example, the European umbrella organisation of women’s organisations (European Women’s Lobby) with more than 4.000 members has given its signature as well as the big German organisations of disabled persons with about 2.5 million disabled people being organised wihin their frame. Also, there have been sent backing declarations from Canada, Indonesia, and Australia.

This broad support which turned out within only six weeks of the campaign, will, in the opinion of NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3 and SoVD, help in January when there will take place further negotiations about »  A Comprehensive and Integral Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities  « in New York. » Now the delegations will not be able to dismiss the question of gender as a "minority issue"  «, says the scientist Dr. Gisela Hermes from the board of NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3. »  On the contrary, they will have to deal with the gender perspective and they will have to consider the special needs and discriminations of the about 300 million women with disabilities in the world.  «

The campaign has been started in middle of November because disabled women remain invisible in the actual draft of the convention. Single persons and organisations can support the initiative with their signature on the trilingual (German, English, Spanish) website 

Resp.: Sigrid Arnade (NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3 e.V.)

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