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UN-Convention for Disabled Persons: Germany should convince EU-member colleagues to consider the gender perspective

NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3 and Sozialverband Deutschland (SoVD) ask from the German delegation to support the interests of disabled women on the coming Wednesday/Thursday (12./13.01.2005) when the positions of the EU are being discussed in Brussels for the next round of negotiations about the convention for disabled persons at the UN. So far disabled women remain nearly invisible in the draft for » A Comprehensive and Integral Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities «.
» Here we definitely need to improve the draft. The gender perspective has to be included  «, says the scientist Dr. Gisela Hermes from the board of NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3. It can not be accepted that the EU will on principle not pick up any further topics although gender mainstreaming which is binding according to international law has been forgotten so far.

The demand to make disabled women visible in the UN-Convention is supported by many organisations of disabled persons and organisations of disabled women in Europe. Already in May 2004, the European Disability Forum (EDF) has adopted a resolution on the topic. Also, the umbrella organisation of European women organsations (European Women’s Lobby) is supporting the campaign of NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3 and Sozialverband Deutschland.

The Federal Republic of Germany has already been an example with its Equal Rights Legislation for Disabled Persons because it respects the interests of disabled women - for the first time in the world. » This good tradition needs to be continued  «, Hermes says. » We welcome if the German delegation will take a leading position in the engagement for more visibility of disabled women in the UN-Convention! «

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Resp.: Sigrid Arnade (NETZWERK ARTIKEL 3 e.V.)

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